Elora Brewing Company

Having worked with Elora Brewing Company since its inception back in 2015. Helping develop and consult throughout almost every aspect of the brewery’s creative. From branding and labels to apparel and marketing efforts, Elora Brewing Co. has been an absolute dream project.

Building a Brand

Early on the entire line of beers were packed in 500ml breamer bottles. Each of the labels were unique and fun but lacked some simple elements to tie the brand together. As the brewery grew the packaging transitioned to both 355mL and 473mL cans. It made sense to start developing a cohesive system to start developing a stronger brand all while still keeping the light hearted/whimsical style so many had come to love before.

We worked together to develop a system that could scale, evolve and allow us to flex when we needed it to. With the system we developed a number of mainstay design elements, guidelines around image placement and a very flexible colour scheme. Each new design retains its playful nature but side by side they feel like a family.

One off Can series

This ongoing series of cans are the results of the system that was developed. It allowed us to move quickly with regularly released products. Allowing for us to still be creative with each new label.

Flagship Pints

With most breweries we started with a few flag ship product offerings. These are the beers that people continue to return for and will be on constant rotation. Currently you can find them available within over 90 LCBO and 35 Lowblaws locations. The designs traditionally stay the same but will get some minor adjustments as needed.

Apparel Design

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