Chems Skateboards and FIngerboards

Over the years, I've had the pleasure of working with several independent skateboard brands—a dream come true for someone like me who grew up skateboarding. Designing skateboards, accessories, and clothes has been incredibly fulfilling.

Among these brands, CHEMS has been particularly successful, and our collaboration has felt more like a shared passion project than work. They started small, making limited runs of boards, wheels, and clothes, but it was their fingerboards that really made them stand out. Starting as a side gig, they kept tinkering with different shapes and materials until they became one of the best independent fingerboard makers around. They're always coming up with cool new stuff.

Street Rats hardware and wheels

One of the brands we worked on together was Street Rats. The CHEMS team was a big fan of my rat illustrations. They asked me to create graphics for their wheels, and soon we were designing hardware packaging, skateboards, clothes, and even curb wax blocks.

Developing the Street Rats brand was a blast. The rat theme just clicked with skateboarding culture, and the brand grew naturally from there.

Random skateboard designs

As mentioned earlier, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with several independent companies. Designing skateboards presents its own unique challenges, particularly when it comes to shaping, but it also inspires some interesting layout choices. Here's a sample of just a few skateboards I have in the past.