Sketch Poster and Process

I hold the Sketch design software in a very special place in my heart. As a UX/UI designer, it was the first piece of design software that felt like it was truly built for digital layout. Early on (Sketch v2 and early release of v3) I became a pretty big advocate, I developed tips and tricks for it and even taught a number of workshops. It was a pioneer in the user experience/interface software world.

Bohemian Coding Sketch Poster Design by Blake Stevenson

Sketch approached me because they knew I used the software daily for my UX/UI work and background as an illustrator. The first question they asked was “Have you ever illustrated in Sketch before?” and I quickly responded with “Never! Maybe the odd complex icon here and there.” They then asked if I would be interested in giving it a try as an experiment. The end goal would be to create a limited edition silk screened poster for the community. We would document it and report back in the form of a blog post.

Bohemian Coding Sketch Poster Shots

This idea sounded pretty awesome. The UX designer in me jumped at the opportunity to critique and take notes on a piece of software I held in such high regard. Especially if it was to bend its limits to do something I never thought it could do.


Process notes and sketches by Blake Stevenson

The process wasn’t just documented. I screen recorded the entire creation, built a journey map and took a bunch of notes. We even got a detailed photo journal from the printing company (Mama Sauce, one of the best in the industry). If you want to see more detailed information on the process you can go over to the Sketch blog and see the whole post.

Capturing the whole process

The video was sped up significantly. The poster, notes, meetings and all took between 8 - 15 hours of time. Much longer than expected but overall I think we got a pretty solid piece of content out of it.