Pixar/Disney Licensed Work

Limited Edition Pixar WALLE prints by Blake Stevenson

WALL•E and EVE Limited Edition Print Set.

What can be said about Disney/Pixar that hasn’t been said already. Probably the number one gateway drug for anyone wanting to get into the creative arts. I cannot tell you how exciting it was to be approached by one of Disney’s licensing partners to do a handful of limited edition silkscreen prints.

It began with one of the representatives reaching out in regards to some posts they had seen on instagram. A rough but stylized drawing of WALL•E the robot posted about a year prior. They asked if the piece could be cleaned up and made into a set, accompanied by EVE (the other main character in the Pixar films).

Limited Edition Pixar WALLE EVE prints by Blake Stevenson

Alice in Wonderland Limited Edition Print.

Limited Edition Disney Alice and Wonderland prints by Blake Stevenson

After WALL•E and EVE was completed, they asked “If you could develop a piece for an older disney property, what would it be?” This was one of the hardest questions. It’s like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. Eventually Alice in Wonderland was decided upon. The sheer chaos, rich visuals and infinite imagination was definitely one of the films that completely shaped many peoples creative minds.