Adobe Livestream Design Off

Having used the infamous Adobe suite of products, on and off throughout my career as a designer. It was an honor when asked to be a guest creator on their daily creative streams. The assignment was a friendly design off with one of the regular hosts (Voodoo Val).

Final print of Adobe Live Stream by Blake Stevenson

The challenge

We would stream for 2 consecutive afternoons, an hour each day. The software we chose to use was decided the previous week. Val selected Adobe Photoshop and I went with Adobe’s newer iPad drawing program Fresco .The game was “Magic Hat” A creative exercise where you take a series of nouns, write them down on paper and draw 3 of them randomly from a hat. Then the creatives have to stitch the objects together into a cohesive piece all while making conversation and answering questions from the audience. The results of the challenge can be seen above.

Adobe streams there daily content on Behance Live and then it goes on to live forever on the Adobe YouTube channel. Here are a the recorded streams from those 2 days.

Adobe Design of with VooDoo Val. Part 1:

Adobe Design of with VooDoo Val. Part 2: